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The 5 Amazing Benefits of Putting Yourself First

Putting Yourself First

The 5 Amazing Benefits of Putting Yourself First

The biggest thing that enabled me to move out from being totally stuck and feeling helpless and unhealthy was making a decision, but made based only on what I wanted for myself.  I put my needs for my life first.

Love YourselfWhen you love yourself and look after your own needs first, EVERYTHING in your life benefits. Loving yourself means caring deeply for yourself. It means making your sleep, your nutrition and your well-being a priority in your life. It means making sure that going to the gym, going to a dance class, giving time to a hobby that you love, or just having a relaxing time in a hot bath on a regular basis are non-negotiable.

It might mean cancelling late night plans, so that you can get enough sleep, to just shutting off the computer, or not checking your phone after a certain hour and logging out of social media.  It means scheduling a regular massage on a monthly basis that can’t be changed for something else that might get in the way. It means feeling comfortable saying “no” things that don’t feel right for you.

It really is about listening to your body and giving it what it needs to feel its best. All areas of your life will benefit when you start looking after number 1 and take care of yourself and your body.

It doesn’t matter who we are, we all have the same number of hours in the day. There are only 24 hours in everybody’s day.  The thing that makes the difference is how we prioritise how we use those hours. As someone who was always on the treadmill, busting a gut to do everything for everybody, feeling stressed all the time and never having enough hours in the day to get everything done, I found that when I put myself first I really started to reap benefits in many different areas in my life.

Here are some of those benefits:

1. You’ll be more productive at work

You will be a much better worker, think more creatively and execute things faster when you take care of yourself. This means the project that will take your frazzled, overwhelmed mind four hours will take your well-rested, clear head two.

2. Your health depends on it

This is a pretty obvious one, but it’s amazing how we keep pushing our bodies thinking they will just be able keep on going. Why is that we treat our cars better than our bodies?  Have you ever noticed that after a particularly stressful week of working long hours, feeling overwhelmed, you finally get to the weekend and you wake up ill and don’t leave the bed?

But then you feel guilty and force yourself to keep going, because there are these things that need to be done. But how does that help you in the long run. The truth is, as I know only too well that it really doesn’t help at all.

The thing is if you don’t put yourself first, your body will certainly kick in and force you to! Stress and lack of sleep take their toll on your body. It weakens your body’s immune system and leaves you more vulnerable to all sorts of nasty illnesses.

Every time you have a major period of illness, the universe is giving you the message “slow down”.

3. Your romantic relationships will flourish

Whether you’re in a relationship or looking for one, I guarantee your partner will feel more enamoured with you and more fulfilled in the relationship when you’re not afraid to make yourself a priority.

By taking the necessary time for yourself, you give your partner the freedom to take that time for him or herself. Everybody wins, everybody’s happy!

4. Your friends and family will benefit

So you think your friends, and family don’t notice when they’re talking to you and you’re half asleep or mentally distracted? Think again. These people know you best and love you the most and they would certainly much rather have you happy, healthy and clearheaded when they see you.

Yes, even if that’s a little less often because you needed to take some time for yourself! You’ll be a better listener and more enjoyable to be around because you will be able to be truly present with them. This will also improve your business too when you connect better with your clients and potential clients.

You will also have less bad and difficult moments with your children and you will be able to really enjoy special time with them too.

5. You’ll be happier, calmer, and more fulfilled

When you are at your happiest, you are at your most helpful to the world. We should all strive to be our happiest and do those things that make us happy, every day. Don’t feel guilty about it, you are able to show up more for others when you start showing up for yourself first.

So don’t be afraid to clear your schedule for a relaxing and restorative massage, a yoga class, taking a walk in the park on your lunch break, or just relaxing in a hot bath. What is important is to do something that makes you feel good.

Learning how to put yourself first will also help you if you are struggling to conceive.

Like to know more about how I can help you book a Fertility Focus session with me.



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