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Feeling frustrated and distraught? Are you wondering why conception seems to be easy for others? Not sure how you can increase your fertility levels? Or thinking the only alternative is to go for IVF? Take the OptiMum Fertility Check:

Sue Ritchie
Starting from now you can increase your potential to conceive

Sue’s OptiMum Fertility Formula

When you work with Sue using her OptiMum Fertility Formula and fully embrace the process, you will  be creating the best environment in all areas of your life to increase your potential for conception.

Physical – Preparing and optimising health for fertility
Thoughts – Creating the best emotional and mental environment to boost fertility
Intimacy – Developing harmony with your partner
Maintenance – Ongoing support for you and your partner
Understanding – Developing a deep connection with yourself and your values

Sue’s OptiMum Fertility Formula

When you work with Sue using her OptiMum Fertility Formula and fully embrace the process, you will  be creating the best environment in all areas of your life to increase your potential for conception.

Who is Sue Ritchie?

Sue Ritchie is passionate about helping stressed out business women who are struggling to conceive. Her approach is a totally natural and holistic one that is based on creating the right physical, mental and spiritual environment to support and increase fertility for both the woman and the man.  She takes an approach that focuses on addressing the root causes that are preventing conception from taking place.

Sue has a huge love for children and from a young age had a strong desire to have children of her own. Life circumstances however, resulted in her not realising that until the ages of 36 and 39.

Sue’s previous life involved working long hours under high levels of stress. Like many women, Sue felt she was putting everyone else first, including work.  She was constantly pushing herself to the limit, trying to fit everything in, thinking her body would somehow keep going regardless.

Things came to a head 7 years ago when Sue found herself unhealthy, overweight, low energy with a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s disease. Unwilling to accept the prognosis of living a compromised life, she made a conscious decision to create a work-life balance. Through her research she discovered the root cause lie in her gut health. By rebalancing her gut microbiome, and changing her diet she lost 35lbs in weight in 90 days and fully recovered within 18 months. She also discovered that gut health underpins total health and also impacts fertility and its become her specialty.

Sue’s expert opinion is often sought after on radio and TV shows and she speaks at events. She is the author of the award winning book Love your Gut and co-author of a further five books. Her loves include music, cookery, travel, personal development and socialising. Sue lives in Leicestershire with her husband and takes great pride in her grown up son and daughter, and now her first grandchild, not to mention her well-loved crazy cat Bella.

Sue Ritchie

5-Star Reviews for Sue Ritchie’s Coaching

Who Sue Ritchie Works With

Sue Ritchie

I work with stressed out business women and their partners who are feeling frustrated and increasingly distraught about not being able to conceive. As well as those who want to prepare fully physically, mentally and spiritually in advance in order to optimise their potential for conception.

I provide a totally confidential, caring and supportive environment as we work together to optimise all the key areas that underpin fertility, in order to increase your potential for conception. Statistics show that 1 in 7 heterosexual couples today are having difficulties in conceiving but for 25% of those there are no medical reasons.

From health and nutrition to relationship harmony and everything in between, we will create and plan a tailored, yet structured approach to increasing your fertility. With your commitment you will see yourself up-levelling all areas of your life, leading to a happy, joyful life where you will be empowered to become the best parents you can be.

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