Are you busting a gut as a successful business woman?
Bring back the balance essential for your long term success

Are you sick and tired of being caught up on the treadmill? Do you worry that taking time out will have a negative impact on your success? Are you ignoring signs that your health isn’t as good as it should be? Take the Optimal Balance Life Test:

Sue Ritchie
Starting from now you can live a life that truly serves you

Sue’s Pioneering 360° RESET Model

When you work with Sue using her 360° RESET model and fully embrace the process, you will move your life from busy and stressed to balanced and successful.

Reconnect - Recalibrating and realigning
Energise – Mind and Body Recharge
Select – Your new life choices
Embed – New Habits and Behaviours
Transform – Your life redefined

Who is Sue Ritchie?

Sue Ritchie is the Business Woman’s Master Coach, who is passionate about helping stressed out female entrepreneurs and professionals that are busting a gut to rebalance, revitalise and re-focus their life whilst boosting their success.

Sue formerly had a dynamic career in corporate marketing, before becoming the owner of a successful direct marketing business for 15 years. These roles involved working long hours under high levels of stress.

Like many women, Sue put everyone else first in her life, including work.  She constantly pushed herself to the limit, trying to fit everything in, thinking her body would somehow keep going regardless. However, things came to a head 7 years ago when Sue found herself unhealthy, overweight, and with low energy. A diagnosis of Hashimoto’s disease resulted in her doctor telling her that she would be on medication for the rest of her life.

Unwilling to accept the prognosis of living a compromised life,  Sue was spurred into action to take responsibility for her own health, and to make some big life changes. She made a conscious decision to create a better work life balance, taking time out to focus on healing herself. Consequently, she had one of the most successful years in her business doubling her revenue and profit!

Sue’s expert opinion is often sought after on radio and TV shows. She also has her articles published in magazines and regularly speaks at events.  As well as being the author of the award winning book Love your Gut and co-author of a further five books, Sue has just launched her own show on Venus Health Radio.

Sue Ritchie

5-Star Reviews for Sue Ritchie’s Coaching

Who Sue Ritchie Works With

Sue Ritchie

I work with female business owners and professional managers who are running themselves ragged, who want to start living a balanced, joyful life where their needs are centre stage and fully met.

Together we will gain clarity and I will show you how you can turn things around in your life so that you can be living a healthy, energised and well balanced life and find the success you want.

You will become clear on the areas that are not working in your life and learn exactly what you need to be doing to make things right.  We will create a plan and with my support you will feel motivated to make the changes and see your life turn around for the better. A common knock on effect is the improvement in your relationships and your business or career.

The 10 Massive Mistakes Made by Women who are Busting a Gut trying to be Invincible

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