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Tips for Increasing Male Fertility

Male Fertility

Tips for Increasing Male Fertility


Tips for Increasing Male Fertility

Let’s talk about male fertility. When it comes to trying to conceive, the focus all too often is on the things that a woman can do to improve her fertility and increase the potential for conception.  Male fertility is just as important. And of course, we all know it takes “two to tango”!

Joint comittment

I’d love to see more couples working together to improve their individual health
and wellbeing.  That is the approach I take working with my clients on my unique OptiMum Fertility Formula Programme. That way they increase the potential for conception from both sides.

I also feel that coming together and being on the same page in the desire to create a baby can make a huge difference. It helps by developing an increased feeling of closeness in couples. This, of course, can only be beneficial in creating a loving and mutually supportive relationship.

Conscious Conception

I encourage couples to jointly prepare consciously for conception in order to boost fertility and to increase the likelihood of having a healthy baby. But hey, how good would it feel for you both to be living a happier, healthier, less stressful life each day and moving into parenthood from a place of strength and shared commitment.

So what things can your man do to improve his fertility?

1.Reduce Alcohol Consumption

I know that for some that this might be a difficult one if it’s become a regular habit after a hard, stressful day at work. But we can’t get away from the fact that

heavy consumption of alcohol affects fertility. Here are some of its affects:

  • Lowering  of testosterone levels, follicle stimulating hormone, and luteinising hormone, and raises oestrogen levels, which then in turn reduces sperm production
  • It shrinks the testes, which can cause impotence or infertility
  •  Gonadotropin release is changed and this  impacts sperm production
  • Early ejaculation or decreased ejaculation is a result
  • It changes the shape, size, and movement of healthy sperm

Man saying no to alcohol

So what is okay?

One or two alcoholic drinks are acceptable. More than 14 alcoholic drinks in a week can lower testosterone levels and affect sperm count. In fact, studies show that consistent drinking, and we are talking about having five or more drinks in a two-hour time frame will have negative effects on sperm, too.

In addition, liver disease caused by excessive drinking can change sperm.

When we talk about alcohol we should also discuss other recreational drugs. The recommendation here is to stop other recreational drugs altogether. Combining drugs like marijuana or opioids with alcohol also lowers fertility.

2. Improve Gut Health

Our gut health is very important to over overall health but it also has an impact on male fertility.

One of the biggest factors creating poor gut health is the changes in our diet compared to what our grandparents would have eaten. Our typical Western diet that is high in refined carbohydrates (these are products made from white flour – bread, pasta etc), high in sugar, with a lack of fibre. But also the increased consumption of processed foods and ready meals are not helping either. “Low fat” options don’t help either as food manufacturers add sugar to maintain taste.

This type of diet is also making our bodies too acid and this prevents our bodies from functioning optimally. Then when you add in antibiotics, oral contraceptives, alcohol plus our busy stressful lives. It all has a significant negative impact on our gut and our overall health.

 Read more about how to improve gut health 

3. Healthy Eating

Switching to a diet that is based on natural foods, vegetables, fruit, nut, seeds, whole grains and good quality protein – meat, fish, eggs, and pulses is really important for your overall health, but also your fertility. So get ready to ditch those processed foods, and ready meals.

Healthy food

There are also some key superfoods that can help to increase fertility. It would be good to be eating these on a regular basis.

Pumpkin Seeds and Cashew Nuts
These are high in zinc which may increase testosterone, sperm motility and sperm count.

Eating your Greens
Dark leafy vegetables such as spinach, Brussels sprouts, lettuce and asparagus are rich in folate which is a B Vitamin. This can help produce strong and healthy sperm.


Oranges are a great source of Vitamin C. Other sources are red and green peppers, strawberries, blackcurrants, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts.
Studies have proved that Vitamin C improves sperm motility, count, and morphology.

Oily Fish

The Omega-3 fatty acids in fish and seafood such as salmon, mackerel, tuna, herring, and sardines helps to improve quality and quantity of sperm so it is good to be eating more of these on a regular basis.

Oily fish

Brazil Nuts
The selenium found in Brazil nuts can help increase sperm count, sperm shape and sperm motility. Have a few of these as a healthy snack will be beneficial to male fertility.

Dark chocolate
Dark chocolate contains arginine, an amino acid that can improve sperm count and quality overtime. The bioactive compounds in cocoa may improve blood flow in the arteries and cause a small but statistically significant decrease in blood pressure. Dark chocolate is also very rich in antioxidants.
Choose dark chocolate that is at least 70% – 85% cocoa, but limit to a couple of squares per day.

Pomegranate juice
The antioxidants in pomegranate juice may improve testosterone levels. The antioxidants in pomegranate juice can help remove free radicals, protect cells from damage, and reduce inflammation. Pomegranate juice’s concentration of antioxidants and ability to impact oxidative stress make it a potential fertility aid. Oxidative stress has been shown to cause sperm dysfunction.

Drinking filtered or mineral water through the day on a regular basis is good for our general health, but it also helps create good seminal fluid.


Keeping a bottle or glass of water on your desk is a handy tip to staying properly hydrated. You could also add a reminder on your phone so that you don’t forget when you are busy.

I know that getting him to change his diet and eating habits might not be an easy task. But when the big picture includes not only bringing a baby into the world, but also maintaining a healthier lifestyle, it’s a lot easier to get on board.

4. Practice Stress Management

Stress today is a big problem for so many of us. With increasingly busy lifestyles, and being constantly connected through social media 24/7 it is a factor in  male fertility.
Stress can be harmful to sperm and semen quality, affecting it’s concentration, appearance, and ability to fertilise and an egg, according to a new study.

Introducing a daily routine of meditation, mindfulness, as well as regular exercise are all beneficial to managing stress levels.

Making sure you take regular exercise is also important in boosting testosterone levels

5. Develop Good Sleep Habits

Making sure that you regularly get 8 hours good sleep a night is important for general health and wellbeing and improving male fertility.  Quality of sleep is also very important.
A key tip is to switch off from all technology a minimum of one hour before bed, and ideally 2 hours.
The bright screen light from devices can cause increased alertness.
Also, activities on such technology devices can be stimulating and make us less ready to sleep.Good sleep

Studies have tested the effects of bright tablets (e.g. ipads, mobile phones) and laptop screens for up to 5 hours before bed. It seems that the natural evening rise in melatonin (a hormone that makes us ready for sleep) is not affected by 1 hour of bright screen light, but it is after 1.5 hours. But, after 1.5 hours of technology use in the evening people report feeling less sleepy.

They also do better on mental performance tests and their brainwaves suggest increased alertness. Repeated use of a bright screen over 5 days can delay the body clock by 1.5 hours. This means you consistently want to go to bed later and sleep in longer. This can be a real problem when you need to get up at a set time in the morning for work

To discuss how you can naturally increase your fertility and your potential for conception book a Complimentary Fertility Focus Session.


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