…helped significantly with rheumatoid arthritis

“The Core Cleanse 21 Day programme has helped me significantly with my rheumatoid arthritis. I’m not so stiff first thing in the mornings and my body feels less sore, the inflammation on my fingers and feet has gone down. I feel like I want to run because I’m more energised and also I have very dry eyes and it’s seems to have helped that too.”

Catherine – Glasgow
Core Cleanse 21 Day Programme ‘graduate’

…happier, more in balance, less stressed

“Thank you Sue Ritchie!! I am so grateful for stumbling across your book “Love Your Gut!” and taking you up on the 1-2-1 programme offer in the book. After years of trying all the diets and just getting bigger and bigger, you have finally shown me how to shed the weight in a way that is natural, gradual and sustainable!

Not only have I lost nearly two stone in weight, so far, but I now find a way to include movement into each day (walking, Body Pump, yoga, cycling, tennis…) just because I really want to and not “in order to lose weight”. I feel happier, more in balance, less stressed and I really can not describe how exciting it was to go shopping in a pair of white jeans size 14 (after having to buy size 18 over the last year!)

Thank you very very much. xxxxx”

Marie-Claire – Chester
Core Cleanse 21 Day Programme ‘graduate’

…a resounding success…nothing but praise for Sue Ritchie

“I have to say that the Core Cleanse 21 Day programme has worked wonders for me. I’ve lost a stone and feel so much better for it. I have so much more energy and am no longer feeling bloated, especially as I have been religiously avoiding carbs, which I haven’t found difficult at all, contrary to my expectation being somewhat of a ‘foodie’. Neither have I found it difficult to avoid sweets: normally I’m a chocoholic, but don’t even crave chocolate any more or any other sweets. Having fruit once or twice a day has compensated for them. I also no longer have a lingering stomach ache, as I used to suffer from, which is simply amazing. It’s a sign I’m no longer over-eating, which I used to do, although I did eat mainly healthy food. Possibly, also leaving out the gluten has had that beneficial effect. Strangely enough, I don’t miss not having bread. In fact, I don’t feel I’m missing anything much. I have to confess I still have my pot of green tea in the morning and perhaps one coffee during the day, but not on a regular basis (i.e,, the coffee).

All in all, it has been a resounding success and I have nothing but praise for Sue Ritchie as she definitely helped me with her texts which were helpful to remind me of the timings. I was even able to talk to her on the phone as I had several queries towards the beginning of the programme, besides the one she offers at the end. She is very generous with her time and one has the feeling she is genuinely concerned with how we are getting on. So, dear Sue, thank you very much! I will definitely recommend this to friends needing to lose weight.”

Angela – London
Core Cleanse 21 Day Programme

…losing weight and reducing RA meds

“I met Sue in a round about way. Very thankful that I did. We got to talking about my Rheumatoid Arthritis and she told me about this program. I got on it right away, because I was tired of being tired and want the arthritis to leave my body. Product delivered almost as soon as we hung up the phone. Me in the USA & her in London. I couldn’t believe how fast my order arrived. The results, I lost weight (unexpected) my energy levels are WOW! I didn’t realize how much junk was in my system. I’m still taking one of the supplements.

The inflammation factor was very low, I specifically asked my RA doctor to check how my levels were. They are very low now, 10 years ago after being diagnosed with severe RA, the factor being off the charts it was so high. It great to know that one of my drugs has been reduced & am tapering off of it & will be off of it in 3 months! Next visit, I hope he says…you no longer have it.

Thanks Sue & for all the great, yummy recipes, hints & tips to get me off these drugs. I can’t thank you enough. I look forward to updating my testimonial to YAY! It got me off the RA meds!”

Susan – Utah USA.
Core Cleanse 21 Day Programme ‘graduate’


This is a journey that is well worth going on. It is a journey about looking after yourself, about making your own choices, standing up for who you are…

Olga, London

I learned a lot and understood what I’d been doing wrong for all those years earlier. My health has significantly improved…

Alison – Colour Consultant

Listen to Alison talk about her experience of working with Sue Ritchie. The benefits she highlights include weight loss and feeling more positive and energised.


A lot of people don’t realise how much their health is actually affecting the whole of their life including their work and their families…

Before, and After!

Natalie – healthier version of me!!

Sue I just want to say thank you for coming into my life, and I want to thank my best friend Lynsey for buying me a copy of your book ” Love Your Gut”! Before Christmas I was complaining about feeling just awful I felt I had lost control of who I was and wanted to be. I was bloated , had a fuzzy head , tired , dry skin problems , just all in all feeling awful! I started the programme about the end of January 2016 , 9 feels like yesterday ) so approx. 3 months ago , and what an amazing journey it has been and a life changing experience……..! Just by changing my eating habits has turned my life around, I now feel alive again, clear headed , i ve lost all those extra pounds, my hair is shiny , my teeth are whiter , the list goes on….. my skin has cleared up but most of all my state of mind has completely changed , all with the help and support of Sue Ritchie….! I thought after the 90 days I would revert back to eating cakes and white bread and all the stuff that I thought I loved….but there is No Way, why would I when it just makes me feel yucky, this is a life change for the better…and I am proud to show my children a healthier version of ME!!!! Natalie Welsh

Facebook Guest Post

Lisa (London) – Don’t think DO!

I have an eating disorder and have been to counselling but it did not go as I wanted it to.

A friend of mine went to a show and saw Sue and recommend her to me, I visited her website, left my details and I got a phone call from Sue shortly afterwards, we discussed the issue and I got more from that one phone call than 6 hours with a counsellor.

Where to start, you do not realise how things affect you, not just from your childhood but yesterday as well.  Identifying things happened and I cannot change them, you have to let go sometimes and forget.  But the best thing was that I need to treat people how I want to be treated, easier said than done sometimes but it works.

I cannot say I am cured but I am coping a whole lot better.  If I do go off the rails, I do not beat myself up or criticise myself, I look to see what triggered the behaviour and put steps in place so it does not happen again, it is going to be a long process but well worth it.

If you are thinking of getting help then Don’t think DO, the best thing was my friend recommending Sue to me, it can be scary talking to someone you do not know but Sue puts you at ease.


…a Gut Health Protocol Specialist

When I started working with Sue Ritchie I was suffering from Adrenal fatigue, candida, allergies, bloating, stress and feeling overwhelmed. I decided to work with Sue because she is a Gut Health Protocol Specialist and she is also a professional coach.

During the programme as well as significant improvements to my health, I learnt how to be more relaxed, and less of perfectionist. I also was able to become less controlling and more trusting that things would work out. I have been able to bring a lot more fun into my life.

Sue is an excellent and professional coach. Always to the point, probing, but I always felt in safe hands. She got me looking inside myself for the answers and if I started to go off track whilst on the programme she always pulled me back.

Lena – London


Case Studies

Case Study: Linda

“From cake queen to body clean”
Before the 90 Day Plan: Linda was often incapacitated due to recurring chronic fatigue, and she also weighed a few extra pounds which had crept up over time. Linda planned her days out by tea and cake shops, and was keen to start living a healthier lifestyle.

After the 90 Day Plan: Linda says, “I am a new woman in body, mind and soul. Sue provided step-by-step hand-holding, menus and recipes, and a new way of eating and body nutrition. Sue is a superior coach and mentor. I have shed probably a stone without doing anything… I DO NOT WANT SUGAR OR ANYTHING ELSE SWEET. I can hardly believe this transformation. My insides feel clean. Today I am more energised, vibrant and live my life with purpose.”

Julie-Bolton-profile-image-Case Study: Julie

“To be honest I think I’ve been brought back from the brink! “

Before the 90 Day Plan: Julie suffered with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 10 years. Often too tired to go shopping, Julie had to take painkillers and indigestion tablets every day. She suffered with severe depression, poor concentration and balance. Julie had to give up all of her hobbies and couldn’t walk more than 500 yards without feeling tired.

Julie-audio-testimonialAfter the 90 Day Plan: Julie’s energy levels have gone from 3/10 to 9/10. She can go shopping and on excursions, walking several miles and even riding a horse for the first time in 6 years. Julie has lost weight, and her fatigue, overall pain and indigestion has dramatically reduced too. Julie has gained the confidence she needs to help her lead a more fulfilled life.