What might delay the benefits of a new diet?

If your current diet is heavy on red-meat, carbohydrates, saturated fats etc increasing the proportion of your intake of plant-based foods is generally acknowledged to be a good idea.

However, it has been shown that your current diet can delay the benefits achievable from the switch. This article, written by Honor Whiteman (published on http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/), does a good job of pulling out the key points about how it appears that your current diet can delay the effects of a new one.

The researchers are hoping that the outcome will eventually be a new range of probiotics that will help us to change our microbiome more effectively. Poor gut health is a key factor in why some people find it very difficult to lose weight even though they are eating healthily.

Don’t be put off…

No matter how much your current diet might delay the benefits you can get from increasing your intake of plant-based foods, not making the change to your diet will have a bigger, longer lasting, impact on your overall health  in the future. 

As a nation we are considered to be poor at recognising the need for change to improve our health and even worse at initiating and sticking to the change. Don’t use the excuse that it might take a while to have an effect to delay starting a new diet.

Delayed benefits