Welcome! I am so glad that you are here.

Sue Ritchie If you have arrived here, because you are struggling with your weight and need to shift those extra pounds, then you have come to the right place and I love the fact that you are honouring yourself by seeking out the solution to your problem.

Have you tried all sorts of diets before and succeeded in losing some pounds, only to find, that you then put them all back on again and some more?

Are you suffering from health issues, and some, or all of these – lack of energy, bloating, indigestion, pain in joints, inability to focus or concentrate, poor memory, sinus problems, insomnia, depression, muscle aches, rectal itching, shortness of breath, nasal drip? Are you craving sugar and bread? Do you have an auto immune disorder that you would rather not have, but have been told that there is nothing you can do about it, but just to put up with it for the rest of your life?

Well, if you are, I understand totally, because I have experienced all of these.

You may look at the picture of me here and be thinking how can you possibly understand how I feel at the moment, when you look the way you do. The thing is I haven’t always looked this way.

Sue Ritchie - then!You see for many years I was around 2.5 stone (35lbs) heavier than I am today and nothing I did would shift it. I also had a number of health issues, including an auto immune disorder. I didn’t like it, but I had come to that point of accepting that it wasn’t going to change. Nothing I did made a difference. I had a healthy diet and I didn’t eat huge amounts of food each day, I exercised and I couldn’t understand why I carried this additional weight and couldn’t lose it. It was so frustrating. Is this how you are feeling?

I hated looking in the mirror and even worse, I hated looking at photographs of myself. Especially, the ones with friends and family, where you tend to compare yourself with others. In fact, I always felt so uncomfortable being photographed. What about you?

In order to understand how I came to be in this place, I need to take you back to my childhood.

Sue as a child in MalaysiaI grew up in Malaysia and had a rather idyllic childhood with a lot of freedom for adventure and exploring. My father was a major figure in my life. He was both a very loving and affectionate man, and a tough disciplinarian. He would always tell my sisters and me that he was a “Victorian father”!

The real problem was that nothing I did was ever good enough for my father. He would always criticise the things that I did telling me I could have done it better or, if I did something, or said something wrong, I was told that I was stupid. This has had a major impact on my adult life. I went through 3 years at university never attending a tutorial, because I was so scared that if I had to speak, people would think I was stupid and I would feel such a fool. So I avoided them.

But despite this, I had a successful corporate career in marketing for 20 years, where I worked very hard and worked long hours trying to gain approval. Then, when I set up my own business in 2000 my resolve was not to continue that pattern, but be able to spend more time with my growing children by working from home. This lasted for a short while until the business started to grow significantly. Then the old pattern returned very quickly driven by my need to serve clients to a very high standard.

I am a perfectionist by nature. In fact, you could probably call the hard work ethic my signature tune up until 2013. It was at that time when I realised that this behaviour pattern was not necessary to be successful and it didn’t serve me or my health. I had always been seeking approval particularly from my father. I never ever got it and I won’t as he is not here anymore. But I now know that the only approval I need is from me. I also found that by bringing more of the feminine into the way I worked and did things, particularly in business, that everything seemed to work so much better and life was easier. I started to allow myself to have time out doing things that I loved. Taking walks in nature and singing in a choir.

The thing that I learnt from taking quiet time out for myself, even if I felt that I really needed to be working, was that I would come back energised, and I would be so much more productive and creative as result. So something that might take me 2 or more hours only took me an hour to complete.

Working long hours led to high levels of stress. The problem was that I was very prone to getting stressed and have suffered with it over many years. It wasn’t until recently, that I discovered how significant this fact has been, in its impact on my health and body weight and how it is a big factor contributing to poor gut health.

8 years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease which is an auto immune disorder that makes the thyroid underactive. I was told by my doctor that this would be with me for the rest of my life and I would need to take medication in on an ongoing basis. My initial reaction was to ask the question “ As this is an auto immune disorder then it can be corrected as it is just a malfunction can’t it”. The response was a definite “No”. From that day I decided that this wasn’t going to be the case for me and I spent many hours over several years researching all I could to find out more. I wasn’t taking “No” for an answer. According to my mother I was always a very determined young child and was difficult as a result at times!

I was struggling with not being able to focus or concentrate and this was impacting the way I worked in my business. I was having issues with my memory. Now I have always had an excellent memory. I used to be able to remember 100’s of books by their ISBN – the unique number that is on the back of each book to identify it, when I worked in publishing in my early career. Sad isn’t it! But I was having situations where I knew I had recently had a particular document and thought I knew where I had filed it, but when I looked it wasn’t there. I felt that I must be going mad. It was scary and frustrating. Is that something that happens to you?

I also had a handful of very scary moments when I was driving, where I just seemed to lose all awareness of where I was and where I needed to turn. It was as if my mind got scrambled. Luckily, these didn’t turn into any accidents and these were odd moments, as my driving has been totally accident free. Have you had any moments like that?
I also kept having recurring issues with breathlessness and feeling I couldn’t get enough air into my lungs. I’d get sent off to hospital and they couldn’t find any reason for it. In case you are thinking I am a hypochondriac and have a tendency to bring these on. I can tell you that I just hate being ill, because it stops me from being active and be able to do all things I need and want to do. And anyway my “hard work script” will have me dragging myself to work even though I am really not well enough!

I also suffered with digestive problems, had cravings for sugar and carbs and had itchy ears and had food intolerances to dairy and gluten.

To help with my stress and sleep issues I started meditating every day and it was after this one morning that I suddenly had what I call a “cosmic fax”. An answer just popped into my head suggesting that I look at a particular thing that lives in our bodies as being the cause. This was Candida. And yes, it is a much bigger issue for our bodies than it showing up from some time to time as what we call a case of “Thrush”.

So I set about researching all about Candida and identified how to get rid of it, which involves a number of processes but also included changing the way I ate. Well, the result was that after a couple of weeks of changing the foods I ate and addressing the Candida problem, the pounds started to fall away. By the time I got to 90 days I had lost 30lbs and my clothes were no longer fitting me! No-one was more amazed and staggered at this outcome than me. I am now the size that I was back when I was 30 years old before my children were born. I had to start buying new clothes because nothing fitted anymore!

Sue Ritchie - offering to helpIf losing that amount of weight wasn’t an amazing result in itself, then the fact that my ability to concentrate and focus returned, and my memory was back to how it had always been and that was a fantastic relief. But wait there’s more – I no longer have issues with my lungs, my nose was clearer and I could breathe more easily. I had actually forgotten how that felt. I was sleeping like I had never slept before.

Every Christmas time I would have some sort of cold/flu virus and then get a chest infection and a sinus infection, so I never really enjoyed the festive season to the full. I have been fit and healthy these past 2 Christmases and loved it. I have not had any illness in the past 2 years, no colds or viruses, and I feel really great. I am ready in the morning to bounce out of bed, full of energy. In fact, these days you have to stop me bouncing around the place! I think I’ve become Tigger!

I also was able to reduce my thyroid medication gradually since I addressed my gut health, so that I now no longer have to take any.

The thing that makes me feel really great is that I now get to help someone like you, to lose those pounds and get great health so you will be bouncing out of bed every morning as well.

Seeing clients transform their health…

Seeing my clients get to transform their health, their bodies and take their energy to new levels sometimes brings tears to my eyes. I have had clients suffering with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome say their energy level is a 1 out of 10 at the start and end up on average after 90 days saying it is 7 out of 10 and clients are typically losing around 1.5 stone/21lbs over the 90 days of their programme.

I have so much pride in their achievements, because it takes courage to decide that poor health is no longer acceptable to you.

Strange as it may seem, I see having had the Hashimoto’s disease as a gift. Without it, I wouldn’t be in this amazing place today being able to help other women turn their lives around and really start living their lives to the full again. I am so blessed to be able to make a huge difference to people’s lives now and it is a true delight to wake up each morning knowing that I can really help.

Sue Ritchie
Your Ecstatic Health Founder Sue Ritchie has had a long and successful corporate career in marketing spanning 20 years. More recently Sue has, through personal experience and research, identified a route to overcome Hashimoto’s disease. The findings and process are also applicable to other Auto Immune diseases and to persistent weight problems.
Derbyshire, UK