Our gut microbiome influences our emotional behaviours

…not surprising news for many of us

From a scientific standpoint the article published on IFLScience appears to hold little water. However, the conclusion it tries to draw isn’t a surprise to many who are beginning to believe that their microbiome has a more significant role in their lives than they previously thought.

The scientific study about which the article talks (“A new study led by the University of California Los Angeles”) isn’t even properly referenced and the language of the piece has been written from the populist point of view rather than a scientific one.

It would be great to have dozens or hundreds of definitive and peer reviewed papers supporting what many are coming to see as ‘a fact’. It may well be that this field of study is like many others where the science is lagging behind the growing weight of findings from normal people around the world.

However, the absence of a sound scientific argument in this article doesn’t undermine what we are coming to accept – it simply fails to support it with science.

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