Great health and weight loss are just 8 glasses a day away


On this beautiful Summer’s day as the temperatures rise it is important to remember the need to keep our bodies properly hydrated with water. It is a scary thought that around 75% – 80% of people are going around everyday being dehydrated without stopping to think about the impact that this is having on their bodies.  We as human beings are essentially 70% water. So to ensure we are functioning properly it is important that we keep ourselves properly hydrated.

However, I know myself that when we lead such busy lives it can become so easy to forget to drink water on a regular basis. We feel that if we stop and take a break to get a drink we will not be productive. The reality is that our productivity and effectiveness will be dramatically reduced if we don’t make time for a drink.

The problem is that by the time we feel thirsty our bodies are already dehydrated.

Being dehydrated affects our bodies in many ways. It becomes difficult to focus and concentrate properly as our brains are starved of fluid. We think we feel hungry, so we eat instead of having a drink, as the feeling we get in our stomachs resembles hunger pangs. This of course, means that we eat more than we need and leads to weight gain. Our energy levels drop as the cells in our body struggle to maintain their functions effectively. We feel tired and we can suffer from constipation.   We are also not efficiently getting rid of all the toxins in our bodies and this can lead to ill health.

Here are some tips for ensuring that you drink enough water:

  1. If you work in an office then place a big jug of water and a glass on your desk when you arrive first thing in the morning.  Take regular breaks to drink and refill your glass.  If you work on a computer all day, it is good to take a screen break every hour, so make this your drink break too. Ideally water should be either filtered or mineral water. Tap water contains chemicals and is not the best for us to drink.
  2. If you are going out for the day, make sure you take a bottle of water with you. It is best not too leave the bottle exposed to heat and sun in your car, as plastics can leach into the water and this is not good for your health.
  3. If you are doing chores in the house, or working in the garden it is easy to forget the time until you are really thirsty. So a good idea is to set the alarm on your phone to remind you to drink every hour.
  4. Have a glass by your sofa if you are sitting watching television or a film at home.
  5. As it is summer holiday time now, and you may be jetting off somewhere nice for your holiday make sure you take water with you on the plane. Flying dehydrates you so it is important to stay hydrated through the flight.

There are many benefits from keeping our bodies properly hydrated all the time:

  • It can help you to lose weight. If we don’t drink enough water our bodies naturally keep hold of water and so it can cause bloating. But more importantly, when we are thirsty we feel hungry, and so we eat rather than drink. So, if you think you feel hungry, drink a glass of water first and then see how you feel, before you start to eat anything. Also, having a glass of water before you eat a meal will fill you up, so you will want to eat less. Replacing sugary drinks with water will aid weight loss too.
  • Makes your skin look younger.  If you are properly hydrated the water pumps up our skin cells.  Fine lines and wrinkles are deeper when dehyrdated. Water flushes out the toxins from your body leaving your face, clean, and glowing.
  • Boosts energy – you will feel less tired and have more energy if you are properly hydrated.
  • It’s good for your heart health – if you are drinking enough water your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to pump your blood through your body.
  • Lowers your stress – dehydration makes both your body and mind stressed.
  • You stay regular and it eliminates constipation.

Following the tips above and by drinking a minimum of eight 8oz glasses of water a day, you will help to keep your health and well being in great order. If you are exercising you will need to drink more than the 8 glasses day to ensure you replace the fluid lost.

So go on, go and fill up your glass with some lovely filtered/mineral water now and give your body some TLC. It deserves it!