weightloss secrets for the over 40s

Weight Loss Secrets for the Over 40’s

The unusual AND natural way I went from 175lb to 145lb in just 90 days, that most weight loss ‘gurus’ simply don’t understand.

Back in 2013, I was the heaviest I’ve ever been.

I was a full 2.5 stone heavier than I am right now, and whatever I tried to lose the weight, NOTHING seemed to work.

90 days later, I’d lost THIRTY pounds.  90 days after that the weight was still off and I felt better than I had in years.

For the first time ever, I’m unveiling the exact process I went through in order to transform from “fat and tired” to energetic, full of life and happy.​

My live online training session takes place at 7.30pm on 7th November and is completely FREE.

There are no sneaky tie-ins or registration fees, but there is one ‘catch’:

You’ve got to turn up prepared to actually do something with what I share with you. To actually implement.  To actually take action. That’s it.

Join me on 7th November and discover:

  • The MOST overlooked aspect of weight loss and how a simple change in your thinking can help you completely transform your body and your life.
  • What none of the weight loss gurus actually tell you about ‘calories in, calories out’
  • How an ‘average Josephine’ like me actually lost the weight without being a yo-yo dieter, employing an expensive personal trainer or starving myself into an early death
  • Why those cravings for sugar and carbs are not your fault and how you can eliminate them.

Show Details:

Tuesday 7th November 7.30pm