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Sue says: “At this talk I will be sharing some ground breaking ideas on how to take your health from mediocre to amazing 2015.  Based on my own “personal mess to success” where 2 years ago I  transformed my own health from being unhealthy, overweight and constantly tired to being ecstatically healthy, full of energy and sustainably slimmer.

I will be revealing how gut health is fundamental to our health and wellbeing and why it is a fundamental part of our immune system.

I will also be sharing why we should take control of our health today rather than just leaving it to chance that we will just somehow keep on going. Plus hints and tips to ensure you move forward with energy and positivity in 2015.”

Event Details:

Event: Health, Wealth and Happiness Show 31st January  and 1st February 2015
Location: East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham