My Biggest A-Ha Moment…

“Before I met Sue, I was constantly changing diets and yet stayed unhappy with my weight.

My gut health was not in the best place either, due to such a variety of extreme diets and I felt frustrated and was close to giving it all up all together. But when I heard Sue talking about how she created her healthy life style and what it had done to her energy level and general well-being, I thought I have to find out what is it all about.

I worked with Sue on a 3 months programme, which completely transformed my eating habits and my view on food. I learned a lot and understood what I’d been doing wrong for all those years earlier. My health has significantly improved, I have lost just over a stone in weight,  I have more energy, and most importantly – I am not craving any of my “old” type of foods and I totally enjoy my new way of eating. “

Olga, London