Why it is best to eat organic

Why it is Best to Eat Organic Foods

Why it is best to eat organic

Why it is best to eat Organic Foods

Buying organic food has become a lot more mainstream than it was a few years ago. It is now easier to buy organic produce than ever before. Despite that I still get asked a lot by my clients whether eating organic really is necessary and whether it will make a difference to their health. My answer is always a resounding YES. Whenever possible, we should eat organic food.

The availability of organic markets and farms are making organic food accessible and affordable. There are also box schemes for vegetables where you choose a box to be delivered to your home each week.

Check out and see if there is an organic farm near you. Buying from a farm means the produce will be fresher than buying in a supermarket. The time from picking to delivery to a supermarket can mean that vegetables can be already a week old and sometimes more when you buy them. This will already being affecting the nutritional content of the food.

The Dangers of Pesticides

In conventional produce, farmers use hundreds of different kind of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides which remain as residues on your food.   In most cases they are also inside the food. Even if you wash your food, these residues will not come off. About 20% of the 17,000 pesticides in use today are known as systemic pesticides. This means they make their way into the plant via the roots of the plant and no amount of washing can remove their presence.

Salad leaves and spinach are washed in chlorine and then stored in ‘modified atmosphere’ packaging as this slows the rate at which the leaves will rot. This means you are being potentially exposed to a lot of chemicals that add to your toxic load when you eat conventional produce.

This is undesirable, because many of these chemical residues mess with our hormonal system. Due to the body’s hormonal system being responsible for the regulation of almost all bodily functions, including metabolism, these small amounts of chemicals when consumed can influence weight and are also linked to neurological problems, reproductive problems and even cancers.

The Benefits of Organic Foods

Organic foods that are grown without the use of synthetic chemicals or petrochemicals really are vastly betteHappy woman carrying bag of organic food.r for our bodies. It is not a fad or a way for supermarkets to make more money, the risks of eating conventional grown foods are real. The problem is that many of the threats that regularly grown produce brings to us are not immediately obvious. But, the risks are there, silently causing toxins to enter our bodies which will manifest in a variety of health symptoms in decades to come.

The level of toxins in our bodies is also a key factor as to why we are struggling with weight issues. Our bodies create fat cells in to store the toxins and keep them away from our vital organs. That is why a body de-tox or cleanse is a great way to start a weight loss process.

Investing in your Future Health

For some people, the extra cost of buying organic is prohibitive.  A better way to view it is as an investment in your health. Spending a few extra pounds on your health now makes it completely worth the money. It is an investment for your future health and for the future health of your family. Poor health can be very costly in every way.

Toxins aside, another reason to go organic is that organics taste better and are more nutritious than their conventional counterparts. Carrots taste like carrots really should. This is because organically grown plants are able to produce their own natural defences against pests. These  natural defences are the exact compounds that we should try to include in our own diet. These antioxidant compounds are needed by our body to help release the toxic load that we get from exposure through the environment and foods.

Do it for yourself, do it for your children.  I can honestly say that you will never regret going organic and that the benefits to your health in doing so far outweigh the extra expense.

Organic Your September Campaign

It is September and we are supporting the Organic Your September campaign being run by the Soil Association.

You can find out more about how to get involved with Organic YOUR September campaign and the Soil Association here

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